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'Nothing Can Stop Us' tells the operational history of 514 Squadron, along with personal accounts from many members of the squadron. This is the complete story of a typical, and unsung, Bomber Command unit. £12 plus p&p.
'Striking Through Clouds' is the war diary of 514 Squadron, as detailed in the Operational Record Book. It is supplemented by details of every aircraft lost on operational service and includes over 100 images. £14.99 plus p&p.
Harry Dison flew a full tour of operations in 1944 as a flight engineer with 514 Squadron. In the 1990s, Harry contacted surviving members of his squadron to collect their memories and recollections. This excellent book is their account. £10.00 plus p&p.
Flight Lieutenant Lou Greenburgh DFC & Bar had an epic war, even by Bomber Command standards. He survived a ditching, several crash landings and the loss of his Lancaster. This is his story, as told to his son. £11.99 plus p&p.
Two days after D-Day, a Lancaster and her crew was shot down over France. The survivors were helped by local citizens until two were betrayed. This is the story of the Lancaster, her crew and those who risked their lives to help them. £9.99 plus p&p.
'A Short War' is the complete history of 623 Squadron, a short-lived unit who flew Short Stirling bombers from RAF Downham Market in 1943. This comprehensive account is the only one available of this overlooked but heroic squadron. £9.49 plus p&p.

Steve Smith's comprehensive book tells the full story of Short Stirling operations from RAF Downham Market. The units cobvered are 218 (Gold Coast), 623 and 214 (Malay States) Squadrons. The book includes details of every operation carried out and crews lost between 1942 and 1944. An excelent piece of research. £18 plus p&p.

Jennifer Elkin's father flew Halifax bombers on Special Duty operations, supplying resistance groups in Eastern Europe and dropping secret agents. Forced down in Poland, his was the first RAF crew to be repatriated by the Soviet forces. £8.49 plus p&p.
Chris Ward's acclaimed series of RAF Bomber Command Squadron Profiles starts with this epic account of the Dambusters. This authoritative profile tells the full wartime history of the iconic unit. £14.99 plus p&p.
Chris Ward's Profile of 103 Squadron features updated information along with over 100 images supplied by David Fell. 103 Squadron fought from the first day of the war till the last. £14.99 plus p&p.
106 Squadron fought a long and heroic war. Its aircrew included a number who went on to form 617 Sqn, including W/Cdr Guy Gibson. If you ever wondered where the core of the Dambusters unit learned their trade, this book has the answer. £14.99 plus p&p.

30 Squadron was one of a number of units staffed primarily by airmen who had escaped the Nazi invasion of Poland. Chris Ward's detailed narrative is complemented by numerous previously-unseen photographs from Grzegor Korcz. £14.99 plus p&p.

83 Squadron operated Hampdens and Manchesters before introiducing the much more successful and effective Lancaster. Chris Ward's Profile tells the story of this founder member of the famed Pathfinder Force. £14.99 plus p&p.

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