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Through the miracle of Amazon.CA we are able to offer local sales and delivery to all our customers in Canada. Priced in Canadian Dollars and printed on paper lovingly pulped from trees cut down by Canadian beavers. Or perhaps lumberjacks. Whatever.


Bomber Command could not have prevailed without the efforts and sacrifice of thousands of Canadians* who served in the RCAF and RAF, so the least we could do is bring our books to your doorstep. We like to make life easier where we can.


Please click on the book cover image and you will be whisked quickly and smoothly to the Amazon Canada page whereby you can effect a purchase.


*Australians and New Zealanders might feel aggrieved as members of the RAAF and RNZAF also served in their thousands in Bomber Command (as did countless other nationalities). Unfortunately, whilst Amazon serves the UK, Europe, the US and many other countries, they don't yet support print book sales Down Under. We would very much like them to and will create an Oz / Kiwi bookstore as soon as they do. In the meantime, please contact us directly and we will post books to you.

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